Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wild Weekend Weather

Despite predictions of extreme weather, we spent the weekend at Pacific City so we could complete our monthly dead bird surveys.

On Saturday morning, the sea was whipped up into a frothy mix of huge waves and piles of foam.
The low tide was quite high due to the large swells, so we completed our survey in record time.

We played it safe by walking back on the river side of the dunes.

The large swells and unusually high tide swelled the Nestucca River beyond its banks.

The river flooded over the road and around a few houses, but finally receded as the tide went out.

We finished our last survey this morning and returned home to find Hillsboro covered with snow. This is the lightest, driest snow I have ever seen in Oregon due to the low temperatures. They are expected to stay below freezing for much of the next week, so the snow is not going anywhere for a while. At times like these, I am glad I work at home!

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