Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Solstice to All and to All Shorter Nights

Here are a few more additions to the creature tree:

A fledgling great-horned owl

A common garter snake

A mottled sculpin.

The owl and snake were requested by Sarah and the fish will be a gift.

And here are some photos from our longest night of the year:

An ice-covered spider silk

Icy grass

Sarah's snow angel

Tulip tree buds

"Downtown" Orenco Station


Monika said...

The owl fledgling is awesome! What do you make them out of?


Great idea for a Christmas Tree! Wildlife oriented! ORegon looks cold and snowy this time of year...brrrr....thanks for sharing the pics.

Max said...

The ornaments are balsa wood carved, sanded, and painted with acrylics.