Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Junior Raptor Road Trip

Yesterday I woke with a raging cold and led a day of Portland Audubon's Winter Break Camp called Junior Raptor Road Trip. My helper, Marianne, and I loaded twelve second and third-graders into a van and drove to Sauvie Island. My voice was too cracked to carry to the back of the van, so I was lucky to have Marianne along.

We stopped at the same birdwatching locations visited during the actual Raptor Road Trip event in February and we saw almost all of the birds expected. We spotted 32 species of birds with highlights including numerous bald eagles, a female merlin, northern harriers, thousands of snow geese, and a few sandhill cranes.

The day started out rainy, but we had a few sunbreaks between storms. A large one was looming towards the end of the day, so we returned to Audubon for some bird-drawing and games until the parents returned to pick up the campers. By the time I put away all of the camp supplies, I was completely wiped out. Today, I am moving pretty slowly and doing as little as possible to recover from the cold.

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Tamatha said...

Wow, you are brave! 12 first and second graders. Just recently discovered your blog, love it. Hope you get well soon..