Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Winter Veggies and Snow

During previous Oregon winters, I missed the light, fluffy snow we used to get in Montana. This week, however, we have had plenty and ten inches or so are expected today in Hillsboro!

Today, I broke out my wool ice-fishing pants for a walk to the local grocery store.

The dot in the middle of the field is a killdeer trying to cope with the snow.

Yesterday, we drove to a small farm selling their surplus of winter squash and root vegetables. The last Portland Farmer's market had been canceled due to weather, so they had a lot of produce to move and we were glad to help. It is a beautiful assortment and I especially like the wild-looking parsnips.

I painted a watercolor of one last night, and it looks like a character from a Myazaki movie.

Today we are preparing for a Christmas party with Oregon family friends. We feared it would be cancelled due to weather, but for now it is still on.

I cut up one of our winter squashes and started to bake the halves for a squash-goat cheese appetizer spread. I have hardly been out of the apartment this week, so it will be nice to mix and mingle once again.


NW Nature Nut said...

Will you post some photos and the recipe for the goat cheese squash spread? That sounds interesting!

Max said...

We used the squash spread recipe at:

and sprinkled chevre on top.