Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neighborhood Nests

A day after my hummingbird banding adventure, I found another Anna's hummingbird nest near our apartment.

It is in an oak that is a few meters west of the oak that held last year's nest.

Two large nestlings are packed into the tiny nest, almost ready to fledge. I snapped a few pictures from a safe distance until their mother buzzed me away.

Closer to our apartment, I found a pair of bushtits hard a work on a nest in another oak. Most of their nests are built in conifers such as Doug firs and redcedars and this is the first I have seen in an ornamental oak.

The birds are busy these days. I also found a white-crowned sparrow bringing material to these shrubs. I have never seen an actual white-crowned nest because they hide them well. To avoid disturbing the parents, I will not look for the nest, but revisit to watch for parents carrying food during the nestling period.

The nesting crows are flying around as a pair, so they must not be incubating yet. Any day the female will disappear as she tends to her eggs.

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EcoRover said...

Very cool, your Anna's hummingbirds. Homeboy that I am, I had never heard of this (exotic) West Coast species--so I was happy to find the informative Wikipedia site.

Thank you for once again expanding my horizon!