Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to the Beach

We spent last weekend at Pacific City to scout the area for our upcoming Birdathon trip and survey beached birds along our routes.

We saw more bald eagles than during any previous beach weekend. Most were immatures, like the one above that was eating a fish in a tree near the beach house.

While surveying Bob Straub State Park, we found two birds that had reached our coast from the Pacific Islands.

A sooty shearwater, a surface feeding and diving bird that nests on islands near New Zealand,

and a massive, black-footed albatross, which breeds from Hawaii to Japan.

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Monika said...

Thanks for sharing your bird survey photos. I first heard about the program through your blog and just became a volunteer myself, although not nearly as many birds wash up in the San Juan Islands as along the Oregon Coast... So it's interesting to see your finds!