Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter Squash Heaven

Eager for some physical labor, I spent the early part of Friday helping with the winter squash harvest at our CSA farm.

Steve's helper Stewart, and I used a wheel barrow to haul several varieties from a squash patch to a processing station where they were cleaned, dried and packed in plastic tubs.

We started with pie pumpkins,

moved on to Acorn squash,

then gathered Sweet Dumplings,


and Butternuts.

We then moved on to a few massive varieties.

Hubbard and Sweet Meat squashes are similar in color but differently shaped.

Farmer Steve was proud of his largest Sweet Meat.

These Cheese Wheel squashes look like flattened pumpkins.

This Pink Banana was the catch of the day!

These beautiful red, pumpkin-like squashes have a french name that I do not remember.

When I was little, I could not stand squash. In fact, I was nearly banned from my grandparent's house after I spit squash all over my plate at a dinner party. Nowadays, however, I can't get enough of it. Winter squashes make great centerpieces, taste great, and can be stored all winter if you can find the space.

Looks like there will be plenty of squash for everyone this year.


Femin Susan said...
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cindyg said...

Wow what a bounty! That looks like a great place to get all the fall harvest goodies. We have Bates Nut Farm that has Giant Pumpkins in our area.