Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last Pickup

Yesterday we picked up our last share of the year from our CSA farm. It has been a great season
and we now have a lot of food stocked up for the coming months.

I could go on and on about how great it has been to buy food from a hard-working family as opposed to a large company, but you've probably heard it all before.

This season, we have learned a lot about vegetable farming and we are putting it to use in our borrowed garden space.

Our tomatillo plants are still producing like crazy and a few tomatoes are hanging in there. The tomatoes are not ripening like the used to, but I will still cook them down for sauce. The purple bush beans and arugula are still growing and I'm hoping to harvest them into the winter.

Our old-growth kale patch will definitely last until spring.

Last night I carved my CSA pumpkin to look like a painting in the Frontier Cafe in Albuquerque.

In the dark, it looks like a Space Invaders character!

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Chris said...


Glad you found my blog. Nice load of squash you got there. I used to hate the stuff too....odd how some stuff starts to taste better when you're older. It doesn't hold true for peppermint schnapps though. Trust me.