Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Happenings

During the last few days the temperatures in western Oregon have dropped and we are flirting with frost each morning. The sun now rises from the southeast, lighting up the view from my window.

This time of year, the light and shadows on the building remind me of an Edward Hopper painting.

With one day to go until the big Oklahoma-Texas football game, I wear my OU visor in unity with my fellow Sooners. Though I moved from Oklahoma three years ago, I still officially work for the University (long story) and my Sooner Pride has not faded.

To get my mind off of the game, I took Andie for a walk through the cloverfield south of the apartment.

The usual winter inhabitants have returned to the field to resume their typical behaviors.

American wigeons were whistling in the pond.

And a heron was stalking rodents in the stubble. Last year I watched one gulp down a wriggling gray-tailed vole just a few feet away from me.

Last year, a red-tailed hawk and an American kestrel continuously battled for Clover Field hunting rights. The kestrel was usually the aggressor and it appears to be at it again.

The female kestrel chased the red-tail until it perched on the corner of this elementary school.

A few minutes later, I heard the kestrel calling loudly as she passed overhead. I looked up and saw two tiny feet dangling from her belly, it appeared she was carrying a rodent and warning everyone to stay away.

She perched on this street light and began to pick apart the rodent. I did not want to get too close and scare her off, since no one likes to be interrupted during lunch.

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EcoRover said...

Nice reference to Hopper--I took in an exhibition of his work once (see ), and ever since I've integrated a bit of his unique way of seeing the world into my own view.