Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Back Cacklers

On Friday afternoon, Sarah, Andie, and I took a walk around Dawson Creek Park to enjoy the crisp fall weather.

We discovered 30 cackling geese, recent arrivals from the arctic, floating in a pond by the library.

Note their stubby little bills and necks.

For a nice comparison, we spotted Canada geese loafing in the next pond over.

Their bills and necks were clearly longer than those of their cackling cousins. Unlike cackling geese, Canadas can be seen year 'round at the park. The two species were split a few years ago and can usually be distinguished by size, though some subspecies can overlap and cause headaches.

We had a great view of a dark red-tailed hawk...

and we watched a merlin chew on a large insect high in a snag (you'll have to take my word for it).

College Football Update:

Congratulations to the Texas Longhorns for surviving an ugly game to beat my Sooners 45-35. Better luck next year OU!

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