Monday, July 7, 2008

Waxwing Construction, LTD

While I was error-checking data from New Mexico hummingbird nests Monday morning, I took a break to help our new neighbors build their own nest.

A pair of cedar waxwings appeared on our deck and started tugging at plant material in the pots. They were having a hard time freeing the stuff, so I collected some material for them and placed it in the feeding dish.

The birds jumped on the new material and gathered it in their bills while I was still standing on the deck!

Throughout the day, they grabbed pieces of grass, lavender stems, cotton twine, green carpet fibers, and dog hair. With both adults in a building frenzy, the nest should be complete in no time.

They brought the material to a small maple below our deck. We can now check the nest's progress as we leave and enter the apartment.


nina said...

Is your data about hummingbird nests available somewhere?
I have a nest I'm watching--an opportunity I've never had so close.
Looking for all the info I can get my hands on.

Nina at Nature Remains

Greta said...

very cool max! glad you could help the birds out!

nina said...

I would love a copy, if it isn't a bother.
I'm at ninaharfmann at hotmail dot com.
Thanks so much and good luck!