Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MId-Summer Produce Highlights

Our efforts to keep our produce local have been well-rewarded. We have been getting almost everything we eat from our CSA, farmers' markets, or our garden.

We harvested these purple bush beans last weekend.

Berry season is proceeding rapidly in Washington County.

On Saturday, a local farm had a one-day blueberry picking season.

We drove out as early as we could and had no trouble finding small shrubs drooping with ripe berries.

We picked about 12 pounds and are in the process of freezing them for the winter.

Our small freezer is almost full of produce, so we will soon borrow space in a larger freezer at Sarah's parents' house.

My favorite CSA crop is the Chioggin beet. They taste great roasted, have edible greens, and are just good-looking.

I love the gnarled roots that make each individual distinct from the others.

When they are sliced, a vivid, tie-dyed core is exposed.

I never get tired of looking at these beauties. Is that weird?

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