Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Garden Update

During the last two days, I alternated computer and garden work at the Turners' house.

My Grandpa-in law Fred's garden is really a small-scale tomato farm with a few more crops thrown in for good measure. Fred, Sarah, and I have planted 58 tomato plants and Fred has constructed a wooden frame system to support the plants. I can hardly wait til September.

Our raised bed has flourished in the recent high temperatures.

I thinned the dinosaur kale and arugula, resulting in several bags full o' greens.

It looks like we will be celebrating Independence Day with feasts of large salads and stir fries.

Andie enjoyed some garden time, as did her cousin Clark the cat.

Looking ahead to late fall, Fred started a small pumpkin patch and I noticed that our winter squash seed have sprouted.

Now we wait for our treasures to grow and find time to weed and water whenever we can.

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