Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Camp Approaches

Next week I will once again be a camp instructor for Portland Audubon. Since I don't do this sort of thing very often (about one or two weeks a year), I am a bit nervous. Last summer I planned and lead a bird watching camp and I learned a lot about what not to do when trying to keep a dozen nine and ten year olds entertained for a week. The boys were particularly challenging but apparently not enough to keep me away for long.
This year, I feel better prepared, though a bit apprehensive since I know that things that I enjoy do not necessarily translate into things the children will enjoy. As usual, I will throw a lot at them and see what sticks. The title of next week's camp is "Junior Field Biologist" I will be driving the group to some spectacular locations and I have several researchers lined up to show us what they do.
If I still have the energy, I will post photos and stories from each day's excursion when I return to the apartment.

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