Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Insects

Each year, it seems that the later we get into summer, the more insects we find in the field and at the apartment. Here are a few examples.

A mayfly (Ephemeroptera) on the apartment exterior.

A damselfly (Odonata) on our window screen at sunset.

A geometrid moth clinging into the exterior.

A common whitetail (Odonata) at Killin Wetlands. Too cold to fly on a cloudy morning.


Diane C. said...

Nice collection of summer insect photos. I like the translucent areas of the common whitetail dragonfly's wings. I've never noticed that kind of dragonfly before.

EcoRover said...

Sweet--you must have water nearby? Years ago I did a historical study of James George Needham, THE dragonfly guy c. 1910-40. Interesting critter. I like when they grab mosquitoes so close to your ear you can hear them crunch.

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