Thursday, July 30, 2009

Escaping the Heat

I took a few trips this week to escape the oppressive heat of Portland (107 degrees on Tuesday) and our apartment that will not cool down.

Over the weekend, it was at least twenty degrees cooler on the coast. Sarah, her grandfather Fred, Andie the Dog, and I surveyed dead seabirds on the beach north of Sand Lake.

We found the first Common Murre fledgling of the season. Although this chick did not live very long, his presence is a positive indication that seabirds are successfully nesting this summer.

On Tuesday, Fred, his son Rich, and I drove north to Seattle to catch a pair of Mariners baseball games.

Though it was a few degrees cooler than in Portland, Wednesday's game was the warmest in Mariners history.

Luckily, our seats remained shaded until the 8th inning.

Above, the Mariners take the field. The one in catcher's gear is Rob Johnson, a fellow Butte Central High graduate.

After Tuesday night's game, I found a ghostly Glaucous-winged gull perched on the stadium.

I could not have asked for two better games to watch. Tuesday's game was won on a walk-off RBI by Ichiro Suzuki and Ken Griffey Junior hit a game-winning RBI on Wednesday.

Also, I was lucky enough to grab a foul ball hit into our section by Marco Scutaro of the Blue Jays. Now that I have returned to the sauna that is our apartment, it is time to get back to work.


EcoRover said...

Whoah, I had no idea Portland got that HOT. We're headed to Seattle next week, hope it's temperate--not sure I could take that kind of heat with any humidity to speak of.

Monika said...

Funny, I was at the same Mariners game on Wednesday! What a hot one! Cool that you caught the foul ball.

Glad you got to escape some of the heat at the coast. Luckily here on the island it stays a bit cooler (though we've been topping 90) and I have some natural air conditioning at home by living right on the water.

Khemraj said...

That is really very hot weather here I never expected that Portland would be so hot.

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