Monday, July 20, 2009

Squash Blossoms and Green Tomatoes

After a full week of sun, the plants in our borrowed garden space are flourishing.

We have bright yellow blossoms on summer and winter squash vines. When I look into the flowers, I often see two three or types of bees loading up on pollen.

This squash flower has a tiny blue hubbard fruit attached.

We also have dozens of green tomatoes that are rapidly growing.

And sungolds that are starting to ripen. I can hardly wait for the cooler temperatures and red tomatoes of the fall.


Diane C. said...

How great that you are growing all those veggies in borrowed garden space. They sure do look healthy. Our zucchini and tomatoes didn't do that well this summer so we're trying again for a fall harvest.

EcoRover said...

Mmmm... thinkin' 'bout fried green tomatoes & squash blossoms. Our spinach is doing pretty good, and the first little tomatoes are beginning to form...