Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scrub Jays in Fall

I am putting the finishing touches on a small painting for the Portland Audubon's Wild Arts Festival. The painting is part of the 6x6 Project, where participants receive a free canvas, paint or assemble a picture, then donate it for sale at the festival.

I wanted to capture a typical fall image, so I started by adding a cloudy backdrop.

I then painted some bare oak branches and a pair of scrub jays in their typical poses.

I put the trunk of the tree on the side.

I am now counting down the hours until election results come in. Like many other Oregonians, I mailed my ballot nearly two weeks ago, so I am glad that I do not have to stand in line. Whatever happens tonight, Sarah and I will toast the end of the election season and hope for shorter ones in the future.

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NW Nature Nut said...

I love your jays! I posted a picture of my contribution on the sidebar of my blog.(Hummer and flowers). It's hard to fit a lot on a 6x6 canvas so I am inpressed with your "little" jays. What are they, 1/2inch? Last year I did a Robin with berries. It's a fun way to help them raise some dough.