Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Veggies Galor

The Portland Farmers' Market started up today, marking the beginning of our local eating year.

Sarah and I are among the many inspired by the endless supply of books advocating local and sustainable eating. We therefore plan to eat as much local produce as possible this year by attending farmers' markets, joining a CSA, and growing what we can in our family's gardens. Our ultimate goal is to limit all of our fruit and vegetable consumption to items grown in Oregon, Washington, or Northern California. Sarah is chronicling our buying, growing, preserving, and eating in her new food blog.

The produce stands were better stocked than we expected with greens, leeks, and root vegetables.
We are certainly spoiled here in the northwest, if you can tolerate the rain. In my home state of Montana, we would not get these veggies for another two or three months, if at all.

While watching my Final Four teams lose, I made a soup with potatoes, leeks, carrots, and a giant rutabaga purchased today.

After dinner, we took the dog for a walk a I finally spotted an Anna's hummingbird nest in a small tree! The mother was not around, but we saw two medium-sized nestlings peeking over the rim. I will bring my camera out tomorrow so I can post a photo soon.


JP said...

Good for you guys! That's such a win-win. The Portland Saturday Market is like nothing else, isn't it? The people are so congenial, too. My family and I have made the "Festival of the Last Minute" a holiday tradition.

P.S. Will Sarah feature recipes on her blog?

Max said...


Sarah will post our original recipes.