Saturday, April 12, 2008

Masters' Birds

During the last two days, I have been watching coverage of The Masters golf tournament while working on bird papers. I have been listening for bird songs sneaking in between the whispered commentary and polite golf cheer. The eastern birds remind me of the ones I heard while living in Oklahoma and it is a good challenge to recollect the songs of birds I have not seen for three years. The weather is unusually warm here and I have been outside enjoying Oregon birds as well. I will post more on those trips later.

Masters' bird list so far:

Carolina Wren
Northern Cardinal
Blue Jay
Bewick's Wren (I think)
Mourning Dove
American Robin


Birdnerd said...

Oh my gosh I heard them too! I had it on in the other room but my ears perked up when the cardinal sang.....

Greta said...

max, that's funny because I also was noticing the bird calls. i thought i heard a dove in there. i had to mute it to make sure it wasn't coming from outside.