Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birding by Bike

Last weekend, I bought a K2 bike so I could visit my favorite birding spots that are out of walking distance without burning gasoline. The bike is a sort of mountain/road bike hybrid but REI categorizes it as a “comfort bike” which sounds wimpy to me, so I will consider it an “urban birding bike.”

Today I rode to Orchard Park and, as I hoped, I found American robins building nests all over the place. I spotted four pairs building nests, all visible from the paved paths. Two nests were being constructed in Doug firs, one was wedged between blackberry canes, and another was located on a small maple stem.

This well-hidden robin nest is at the end of the limb in the center of the photo.

I also spotted another bushtit nest being built near the north end of the trail. It is the dark spot at the end of the drooping branch.

Trillium were blooming as well!

When I returned home, I took Andie on her lunchtime walk and we spotted yet another robin with a huge wad of material in her bill. We backed off as far as possible until we could barely see her fly off to deliver her load to a small redcedar. I expect most robin nests will be built in evergreens until the deciduous trees finish leafing out.

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Doug Taron said...

Trilliums. One of ,y favorites. We're at least a month away from them here in Chicago. Great blog, I found you through Kathie's Birds.