Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Return of Raptor Cam

It is now the season for large birds to start nesting on man-made structures, and we can can all monitor many of these nests via webcams. The Audubon Society of Portland recently switched on their Raptorcam. This is the third year they have featured the red-tailed hawks nesting on a fire escape in downtown Portland.

The little blue arrow marks the building. This year, the camera is pointed at a side view of the nest and the viewer can watch the goings on at the nest and the streets below.

At this time the adults seem to be guarding their nest and bringing in new materials.

Last year, two of these three chicks fledged. The year before, one of two survived. It will be interesting to see the outcome this year.


NW Nature Nut said...

Thanks for reminding us. I posted a link on my blog too. It is always fun to watch their progress.

Diane C. said...

It's wonderful that the Audubon Society does this. How great to be able to watch the nesting hawks on the Raptorcam. Nice post!