Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Butte Beer

While trying to decide on which beer to buy at New Seasons, I came across a familiar scene. I found a 6-pack of Bayern Killarney Red Lager with a painting of my hometown of Butte, Montana on the label. The Bayern Brewery is a few blocks from a house I once rented in Missoula.

I had to buy it for old-time's sake.

The painting features revelers leaving a bar with drinks in hand, still a common occurrence in Butte because police do not enforce open-container laws. In the background you can see the Continental Divide, smelter stacks, and the head frame of a copper mine. The smelters are now gone, but the bars and decommissioned head frames remain iconic symbols of a drinking town with a mining problem.


Mary said...

Love the painting on the beer! Probably good beer, too :-)

daniel said...

i too call butte home...and went to college in missoula...i wonder if we know each other?
daniel yerkich