Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News Fast! ..and Spiders Too

I have decided to implement a "News Fast" from now until November to prevent the Election Anxiety Syndrome from which I suffered in 2004. After feeling quite ill during the later part of that year, I realized that I get too emotionally invested in my candidates of choice that I get overly angry at media coverage. I end up wasting time composing letters to the editor in my head, as well at fuming over what the opposition has to say.

After spending way too much time watching and reading about this year's conventions, I decided enough is enough. For the rest of the election period, I plan to take it easy and try to avoid polls and analyses that really have no importance to me at this point. The hardest part of the News Fast will be cutting out NPR, which I usually listen to for up to seven hours a day. Anyone who has spent any time driving with me in the mornings will know how difficult this will be.

To fill the voids, I plan to listen to more music and read about sports online instead of politics. Any other suggestions are welcome. I have already started the detox process and I will post updates on my progress as the month progresses.

In local nature news, our spiders are still feasting in their webs.

Near our parking lot, two spiders that appear to be different species have constructed webs in a great location.

Honeybees have been buzzing all over the flowers of this ornamental shrub, and each spider was processing their prey as I walked past this afternoon.

As someone who has spent a lot of time trying to capture birds in mist nets (often unsuccessfully), I can appreciate the spiders' knack for choosing the right location.


troutbirder said...

News fast. I've been thinking about something similar. 7 1/2 years of disgust has left me vulnerable to PBA. Post Bush Anxiety

NW Nature Nut said...

I just posted about spiders recently too. I think "your's" looks like "mine." Oooohhh I feel your pain about the politics. I only have a 10 min. commute where I listen to NPR, but then I come home and turn on CNN and overdose on it. I think I need to de-tox too. What more can we really learn at this point? Good luck!