Friday, September 5, 2008

Food Prep Season

With our garden and CSA farm both producing great yields, I have been busy preparing much the food for storage.

Apart from occasionally eating out, I hope we can survive solely on what we put up during our extended Oregon harvest.

We never know how much we will get of each item from week to week, so it can be a struggle to preserve the produce that arrives in abundance.

We have no shortage of basil, which I have been grinding with olive oil and freezing for future pasta dishes.

Now that tomatoes are growing and ripening faster than we can eat them all, I have also started cooking them down to tomato sauce.

Last night, I made a pot of beautiful orange-colored sauce that I froze for future pizzas.

We still have a fridge full of pole beans and summer squash. Way too much for us to eat now, so I am planning to blanch, puree, and freeze like crazy while watching college football tomorrow.

If you have not noticed, I am keeping tally of the records of my three teams throughout the season. In addition to Oklahoma, my graduate school, I follow the University of Oregon (Sarah's undergraduate school) and the University of Montana (my undergrad school). Since the three teams will not be playing each other this season, there should be no conflicts of interest.

I hope all three teams remain undefeated when the time comes to eat this winter squash.

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