Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Return of Raptor Cam!

The Portland Raptor Cam is back online!

Like last year, KGW and Portland Audubon are showcasing a red-tailed hawk nest built on a fire escape in downtown Portland. This year, they have installed a live video feed.

Last year, Sarah and I were able to visit Dieter, whose viaLanguage office window looks right out to the fire escape and nest. When we entered his office, we were surprised to see a large, slightly agitated female red-tail staring at us just inches outside his window! Dieter showed us how he would sometimes tap on the glass and she would punch back with her taloned fists.

Two downy young were laying in the nest above a bed of pigeon down. Only one nestling survived, which isn’t bad for a large species. This year, she is on three eggs and the nest is built on the next level down. It will be great to monitor their progress this year and watch them control the downtown pigeon and rat population.

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NW Nature Nut said...

Oh cool! Thanks for the reminder. I love those nest cams!