Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crows in Trees and Ducks Out of Water

Last week, I spotted a crow in the bare branches of an oak tree silhouetted against the clouded sky. It inspired the watercolor below, which is the first I've found worthy of a frame. I trimmed the paper and fitted it into an old frame that Sarah bought from Goodwill and painted black.

Today I checked on some nests at Dawson Creek and spotted a group of squeaking wood ducks walking around under some oak trees. My guess is that they were looking for acorns.

A group of wigeons were foraging like small cows below the lichen trees that house a bushit nest. I have not seen the parents for a while, but the nest is growing.

I found a new bushtit nest in a branch hanging above the Library parking lot and noticed that the great horned owl and great blue heron nests are still active. I am organizing a Great Blue Heron Week event at the library in June, so I am praying that the heron rookery survives the spring!


Greta said...

wow max, great painting. i really like the detail on the branches! can't wait to celebrate your birthday on friday night!!

Kathryn and Ari said...

Your watercolor is beautiful, and I agree with Greta: the branches are perfect!

Happy spring. We saw 11 crows in one of our trees today: that's a new record in an area where they rarely group up in more than twos and threes!