Friday, September 25, 2009

Waiting for Fall

When Sarah and I returned from our Canadian trip last week, we were greeted by unseasonably high temperatures and a sense that summer will never end, despite the official beginning of fall earlier this week. It has been an eventful summer with a lot of travel and good times, but I look forward to cooler temperatures and a return to a more relaxed routine.

Earlier this week my fishing buddy Bill came to visit from Minnesota. On Tuesday, we sought relief from the sunny weather by hiking in shady Forest Park.

The birds were quiet, but we found some interesting animals near the stream including this cyanide millipede and some salamanders hiding under rocks.

A day later, we crossed the Columbia River to fish the Wind River of southwestern Washington.

Bill spotted some steelhead, but they were uninterested in the flies we offered them.

Despite our lack of steelhead success, we had a great time fishing a beautiful stretch of river.

After a while, I switched gears and caught a few small rainbows on dry flies. I had not been fishing in over two years (sad!), so it was a great day.

Each morning feels cooler than the last, so fall weather may be approaching after all.


William T said...

I MADE THE BLOG!! Had a great time MS, it was great to see you.

NW Nature Nut said...

It is fall, despite the heat. We saw tons of Acorn WP cacheing action at Dawson Creek on Sunday. I am inspired to draw them for the 6x6 Audubon Project. Are you participating this year too?