Thursday, June 4, 2009

Local Produce Update

Summer weather has arrived in western Oregon and the local food season has truly begun.

So far, our shares consist mainly of greens, so we have been eating plenty of salad.

Earlier this week, we planted our tomato starts in our borrowed garden space at the Turner's house. We now have 11 tomatoes and three tomatillos in the ground.

We still have tomato sauce left over from last fall, which we are using for pizza and pasta.

Our sauce reserves should last until it is time to cook up the new crop.

The fresh berry season is more rapidly approaching, and we are scrambling to use our frozen berries before the u-pick season starts.

We have been drinking smoothies as often as possible and we may need to throw a cobbler party.

We are down to our last two jars of pickled beans, which have been popular appetizers at family functions. Our pickled cucumbers, which were a bit too squishy and acidic, were not as well received, so we will stick to canning beans next fall.

It's funny how we preserve fruits and veggies for winter consumption, but end up eating most of them in the spring and early summer.

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NW Nature Nut said...

I've been doing the same thing! I have one bag of frozen strawberries left in the freezer that I've been using in smoothies too. I have a few more jars of dilly beans, but I'll eat them! Have you ever tried pickled asparagus? I was researching recipes, but I've never actually tasted it. I too have had little success with cucumber pickles, oh well.