Monday, June 16, 2008


I checked my cottonwood seed pots on Sunday afternoon and spotted two tiny seedlings!

One seedling was growing in wildfire soil and the other was growing in unburned soil. The seeds that germinated were from a tree in an an unburned site, so while I now have evidence that seeds can germinate in wildfire soils, I do not yet know if seeds from a burned tree can germinate.

In other plant-growing news, Sarah, Andie, and I checked out our garden yesterday. Now that the sun has returned, things have really started growing.

Our kale is ready to harvest, it is time to thin the Walla Walla onions,

and the peas finally have flowers.

We planted a few tomato, tomatillo, and pepper starts at the far end of the garden. We now look forward to late summer salsas.

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