Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forget spring, it feels downright summery today!

The house finches are paired up, singing their little red rumps off, and enjoying some seed. No nest building yet, however.

I caught my first cucumber beetle of the year as Andie soaked up some sun in the cloverfield.

A new elementary school is being built in one half of the field. We are trying to enjoy the remaining space as much as possible before it is replaced by a Best Buy or other Huge Store.

Mount Hood even made a rare winter appearance. It did not show up well in this photo, but it's there. Hood is Oregon’s highest peak and our closest big volcano (that I’m aware of). On a clear, non-hazy day, I need only walk about two blocks for a view of the tip of the mountain. Better views can be found to the southeast in Beaverton and Aloha where the base of Hood is not obscured by the Tualatin Mountains.

To get to my nearest viewpoint of Mount Saint Helens, I must drive a few miles to the west to the Burgerville parking lot. This rumbling alabaster beast can be better viewed from Portland, but this glimpse requires less fuel.

Mount Jefferson, Oregon’s second-highest peak, lies to the south and the only nearby views I have found lie along several stretches of highway 26 in the eastbound lane, so I don’t get many chances for photos of this one.

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